Our Church At Work


  • Donald Freeman, Pastor
  • Cynthia Freeman, Music Director
  • Jean Ibbotson, Organist/Pianist
  • Linda Rex, Secretary
  • Ann Raygor, Custodian


  • Duane Daniels, Chair of Christian Education Committee
  • Gary Marshall, Chair of Property & Finance Committee
  • David Roberts, Chair of Evangelism and Nominating Committees
  • David Hook, Chair of Personnel and Congregational Life Committees
  • Rachel Summers, Clerk of Session
  • Scott Griffith, Chair of Worship Committee
  • Don Perkins, Chair of Stewardship & Mission Committee


  • Jill Hook
  • Christina Hanbeck
  • Doneta Sullivan
  • Tiffany Lehrman
  • Jill Titus
  • Lori Vos

Other Church Leaders

  • Jill Hook, Sunday School Superintendent
  • Ann Raygor, Assistant to Sunday School Superintendent
  • Cynthia Poots, Church Treasurer
  • Kathy Ellis, Prayer Tree Leader
  • Mary Griffith, Financial Secretary
  • Pam Moore, Assistant Financial Secretary
  • Rev. Pat Summers, Moderator of Dolores Circle
  • Betty Hanbeck, Librarian